About Todd Shapera

1366420640_SDN_06Todd Shapera brings over three decades of story telling experience to his documentary and lifestyle photography. After completing a master’s degree at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs in 1981, Todd Shapera launched his professional career as a freelance reporter and producer on National Public Radio. He later received a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to produce a documentary on the citizen’s government in Vermont. In subsequent years, Todd’s writing and photography appeared in The Financial Times of London, Forbes, Business Week, National Geographic Adventure, The New York Times, World&I magazine and many other publications, as well as the publications of nonprofit foundations and philanthropic groups.As a concerned global citizen, Todd Shapera has volunteered time and creative work to charitable causes in Central America, Africa, Sri Lanka, and close to his home in New York’s Hudson Valley. This work included documenting social conservation programs in rainforests of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. In Kenya, in 2011, he profiled recipients of youth scholarship assistant for Hatua Likoni, in a poor, urban community in Kenya. In 2012 he traveled to war-torn region of northern Uganda,documenting U.S. AID and Winrock International’s $50 million rebuilding programs. Also in Uganda, he photographed the Acumen Fund’s work revitalizing cotton farming, and he documented life at the Kampala dump for The World Bank.

This year, Todd Shapera received a fellowship from Management Sciences for Health to document health care delivery in rural health centers and remote communities in Rwanda.

In the Hudson Valley, Todd donates his time to Making Headway Foundation which focuses on helping children with brain cancer, and their families.

Todd Shapera supports this donated and discounted foundation work through stunning lifestyle wedding and Bar Mitzvah photography, and lifestyle, arts, and sports photography for a private school.


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